Updated - June 22, 2010


5th Printed Edition Available - 6th Edition Coming Soon!

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Earth Rites is an experiment of bringing divergent streams together... by attempting to bridge
various issues of the 21st Century around cognitive liberty, consciousness expansion,
indigenous issues, environmental activism, workers concerns; as well as new and emerging
visual arts, poetry and other forms of expression.

Radio Free EarthRites is in the process of finding a new server, which turns out to be an expensive proposition, but we shall be back!

The Radio is down, though it shall return and hopefully will soon be adding Video Features and Radio Features For Cell Phone Access! Radio-Free EarthRites (RFER) has a unique take on the world of music. Combining Trance, World Musics, from Arabic, Asian, and other Indigenous musics, as well as Dub, Classical Psychedelic, Ancient Musics, and Live Events, and Spoken Word.


Thank You for joining with us, if even for just a little while...